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Writing Tool Kit

Business Plan Writing Tool Kit - Complete Business Startup Planner

Your Winning Business Plans Tool Kit software download includes the following:

  • 36 Complete Business Plans
  • Access To Hundreds of Sample Business Plans
  • Business Plan Writing Application with Tutorial and Step By Step Guide
  • Over 200 Business and Marketing Plans Categorized by industry with Financial Analysis and Projections and Assumptions
  • Market Research Guide
  • Market Research Tools
  • Market Analysis Samples
  • Social Marketing Guide
  • Direct Marketing Sales Strategies Guide
  • Business Startup Timeline
  • Business Startup Cost Calculator with Checklist
  • Business Planning Tips
  • Business Startup Planning and Organizing Tools
  • Access To PowerPoint Business Plan Presentations
  • Web Site Design Services (When Purchasing the Customized Package)
  • Market Research Services (When Purchasing the Customized Package)
  • Business Plan Writing and Consulting Services (When Purchasing the Customized Package)

System Requirements: Desktop, Laptop, Netbook, Notebook, All Windows Platform Mobile Devices, Equiped With MS Word and Excel or Open Office

Windows  CE, NT, ME, 2000, XP, XP2, Vista, Windows 7
Memory: 32 MB RAM minimum

Disk Space: 7 MBytes of free hard disk space for program files
Size: The file size is approximately 7 MB
Resolution: 800x600 minimum (1024x768 or higher recommended) 

Requires Microsoft Internet Explorer or compatible browser, Microsoft Word or compatible reader/editor.  

  Business Plans Accessed from the Business Plan Writing Tool Kit: 

Internet Based Business Plans

Homebased Business Plans

Direct Market Sales Business Plan 
Catalog Sales Business Plan
Etsy Sales Business Plan Associate Business Plan Book Publishing Business Plan 
Zazzle Associate Business Plan 
Cafe Press Sales Business Plan
Online Shoes Sales Business Plan
Online Greeting Card Sales Business Plan
Online Software Sales Business Plan
Digital Music Sales Business Plan
Online Flyer Sales Business Plan
Online Printables Business Plan
Online eBook Sales Business Plan

Children’s Book Sales Business Plan
Home Party Business Plan
Book Authoring/Publishing Business Plan 
Freelance Writing Publishing and Sales Business Plan 
Direct Sales Business Plan 

Cake Decorating Sales Business Plan 
Avon Rep Business Plan 
Gift Card Business Plan
Freelance Graphics Design Business Plan
Music Artist Self Publishing Business Plan
Event Planner Business Plan 
Party Planner Business Plan

Bricks And Mortar Business Plans

Adult Day Care Center Business Plan  
Assisted Living Center Business Plan  
Art Gallery Sample Business Plan
Bakery Sample Business Plan
Cafe Sample Business Plan
Cyber Cafe Sample Business Plan
Preschool Sample Business Plan
Day Care Sample Business Plan

Senior Center Sample Business Plan

Plus you get access to hundreds of other sample business plans as listed below:

4-year-old kindergarten (4K) 

adult living facilities 
adult congregate living 
Artificial Flowers Import 
Aircraft Rental Instruction 
Aircraft Equipment Maker 
assisted living care 
Auto Repair Service 
Auto Parts Store 

bake shop
baked goods,
Bar and Tavern 
Bed and Breakfast 
Beverage Machine Retail 
Benefits Administration 
board and care 

Cafe Bistro Coffeehouse 
Car Wash
Child Day Care Services 
Children's Play Program 
Children's Website 
Convenience Store Gas Station 
Computer Hardware Reseller 
Coffee Export
Coffee Kiosk 
Computer Consulting 

Day Spa 
Decorative Pottery 
Dessert Bakery 
Dinner Theater 
domiciliary care 

Drapery Fabricator
Driving School 

Engineering Consulting 
enhanced care 
Ethnic Food Restaurant 
Export Watch Manufacturer 


Formwork Construction 
Fine Dining Restaurant 
Furniture Manufacturer 

General Freight Trucking 
Gourmet Food Store 
Global Marketing 

K Furniture Manufacturer  

Hair and Beauty Salon 
Head Start childcare 
Health Plan Administration 
Health Club 
Heavy Equipment Maker 

Horse Reseller 
High Tech Consulting  
High-Tech Marketing 

Italian Restaurant 
Irish Pub Bar 
Internet Cafe 
International Travel Agency 
Insurance Company 
Inline Skating Products 

Lawn and Garden Services 

Machine Tooling 
Mail Order Returns 
Magazine Publisher 
Maternity Clothing Online 
Mexican Restaurant 
Medical Equipment Developer 
Medical Billing 
Microbrew Bar 
Minor day care

Nonprofit Trade Association 
Nonprofit Food Bank 
nursery school business plans.

Office Furniture Manufacturer 
Organic Restaurant 

Painting Contractors
pastry shop,
personal care 
Print Broker  
Print Shop Website 

Pre-primary school education 
Promotional Products Maker 
pre kindergarten (pre-K) 

Real Estate Brokerage 
Real Estate Management  
Regional Airline 
residential care 
Retail Bicycle Shop 
Retail Tennis Shop 

Salsa Manufacturer  
Scrap booking Store 
Shaved Ice Beverage  
Singles Bar 
Software Publisher 
Software Sales 
Specialty Baker  
Sports Bar  
Sports Equipment Cafe 
Sports Medical Equipment
Steak Buffet Restaurant   
supported care 

Tea Room  
Theatrical Music Producers  
Truck Stop 

Personal Event Planning 
Personal Shopping Services 
Pet Photography 
Photography Studio  
Physical Therapy Massage 

Vending Services  

Wedding Consultant  
Wi-Fi Kiosks  
Wine Store 

Yoga Center  

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Winning Business Plans and Startup Toolkit 


Fimark's Winning Business Plans and Writing Tool Kit
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1. Download Business Plans and Personal Use License
Complete Depository of Business Plans for Personal Research and Business Plan Writing - Includes all business plans and Writing Plus Tool Kit

2. Download Business Plans and Editing License
Complete Depository of Business Plans For Editing Plus Tool Kit  - For Submission To Financial and Grants Institutions - Includes all business plans and Writing Plus Tool Kit 

3. Downloand Business Plans and Institutional Use License
Complete Depository of Business Plans for Group Study and Presentation - Business Classroom and Workshop Use (For distribution to up to 7 classroom group or workshop members) - Includes Submission To Financial and Grants Institutions - Includes all business plans and Writing Plus Tool Kit

Select License and Download Complete Business Plans


System Requirements: All computer devices including ipad, mac and windows platforms running an internet browser, MS Word and Excel or compatible document reader/editor. Business plan documents are in .doc and docx format.

Memory: 32 MB RAM minimum

Disk Space: 3 MBs of free hard disk space for program files
Size: The file size is approximately 1700 KB
Resolution: 800x600 minimum (1024x768 or higher recommended) 

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Your personal identifiable information is transmitted over a secure server using the latest ID protection technology. Your information will not be passed on to a third party nor used for advertising purposes.  Legendary Heritage Heirlooms, a Company - Financial Marketing Network, Inc.

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