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 Net Cash Flow Projections Estimator



Net cash flow is the difference between the inflows and outflows within a given period. Primary sources of cash inflows to a business are:


Receipts from sales ______ 

increases in bank loans______ 

Proceeds of share issues and asset disposals: 
Value of Fixed Assets
Value of Liquid Assets

Interest earned ______ 


Cash outflows include:

Payments to suppliers and staff:
Cost of Materials: ____________
Cost of Marketing:____________
Employees Hourly Wages per week ________
Salary per week ______________

Capital and interest repayments for loans _______ 

Dividends _______ 

Taxation and capital expenditure _______

Cashflow planning entails forecasting and tabulating all significant cash inflows relating to sales, new loans, interest received etc. and then analyzing in detail the timing of expected payments relating to suppliers, wages, other expenses, capital expenditure, loan repayments, dividends, tax, interest payments etc. 

Starting Cash

First Months Sales

Cost of Goods Sold

% of Monthly Sales Growth

Sales On Credit

Collection Days

% of Sales

Months of Inventory Kept on Hand

Starting and Receivables

Starting Payables

Pricing Estimates

Product/Service Price: ______________________
Anticipated Sales: ____________
Profit:   _____________________

Needed Startup Capital

Funding Sources

Current  Fixed Assets

Hourly Wages per week ________
Salary per week ______________

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