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Business Plan Presentations Format

The  PowerPoint compatible business presentation templates found in the Business Writing and Startup Toolkit includes the following presentation formats.


PowerPoint Business Plan
 Presentation I


  1. Company Name
       Business Plan

  2. Mission Statement

  3. The Team
         List CEO and key management by name.

  4. Market Summary
       Summarize your market in the past, present, and future.

  5. Opportunities
       Identify problems and opportunities.

  6. Business Concept
       Summarize the key technology, concept, or strategy on which your business is based.

  7. Competition
       Summarize the competition.

  8. Goals and Objectives
       List five-year goals.

  9. Financial Plan
       Outline a high-level financial plan that includes pricing assumptions. 
       Includes sales projections and profits for the next three years.

  10. Resource Requirements
       Lists the following resources:

  11. Risks and Rewards
       Summarize the risks of the proposed project and how they will be addressed.

  12. Key Issues
       Near term
          Identify key decisions and issues that need immediate or near-term resolution.

       Long term
         Identify issues needing long-term resolution.


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    PowerPoint Business Plan Presentation II

    Complete items 1- 12 below using your completed business plan. 

    Front Cover of Presentation/Cover of Plan

    1. Overview/Introduction

    2. Strategic Plan

    3. Background & Status

    4. Offerings

    5. Target Markets

    6. Marketing & Sales Plans

    7. Technology & R&D Plans

    8. Management & Operations

    9. Financials

    10. Funding  

    11. Implementation

    12. Review/Conclusion of Plan 

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