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The Answer To Surviving The Great Resignation

Early forecasts indicate employers will see a dramatic reversal in the survival of big business and a steady increase in small businesses that will deeply impact how business institutions regard the professional and non-professional labor force.

A new priority is on the rise. Personal wellbeing, brought about by a simpler life has become the top priority for a growing number of workers in industrialized societies. Adding to the driving force of the current trend is what has been called The Great Resignation, also known as The Big Quite.

As millions resign each month the greatest challenge is planning a realistic survival strategy. Finding new jobs in the current economic environment has become easier, but even these are rife with unrealistic workload demands for new hires.

But a growing trend is driving the great resignation populace to hone their side-hustling skills as they lean toward total self-employment. The creative entrepreneurial juices have led many to leasing rooms in their home, renovate and convert garages into apartments, and attics into studio apartments.

Those who resigned en mass, having shared in affecting industry and market growth from the ground up, are uniting to create business-building dream teams, combing and combining vital skill sets and resources from mass resignation pools to form special services for a growing simple living, self-sufficient, and survivalist lifestyle.

Fortunately, there has never been a better time to take advantage of economic growth initiatives from private, state, and federal programs. With the right credentials, small business funding solutions are in the reach of registered business entities. While these programs and grant registration services are available, the time seems ripe to plan, build, grow and own a small business.

Contributing Author: Mark A. Askew

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