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 Sample Art Gallery Cafe
 Business Plan 

When preparing to write a business plan for the first time it is best to study business plan samples or templates. Here you'll find a sample business plan written for an Art Gallery Cafe. To order the complete Art Gallery Cafe business plan with an additional 11 pages of helpful planning, organizing and management information scroll to the bottom of this page. Order the complete Art Gallery Cafe business plan for only $29 plus you get market research, marketing plan, business startup tools and presentation tools. all for just $29. 



Compare - average cost of a complete pre-written or original business plan ranges from $300 - $1500.  Fimark business plan tool kit just $29. See details below.

Art Gallery Cafe Business Plan Sample

I. Company Overview and Summary

a. Company Mission Statement

b. Management Strategies

c. Funding Resources

II. Product Development

a. Products and Services

b. Unique Methodologies and Ingredients

c. What Makes Us Different

III. Market Analysis

a. Marketplace Trends and Environment

b. Market Opportunities: Ability to penetrate existing market share

c. Geographic Analysis

IV. Target Market

a. Business Location

b. Market Description

c. Growth Opportunities

V. The Competition

a. Who They Are

b. Market Share Distribution

c. Product Matchups

VI. Marketing Plan

a. Meeting Customer Needs

b. Quality vs. Quantity

c. How We Will Sell

d. Ability to Penetrate Market

VII. Management Development

a. Pivotal Employees

b. Consultants, Advisors and Contractors

c. Internal Management Structure

VIII. Business Development

a. Long-Term Goals, Short-Term Goals

b. Objectives for Achieving Goals


The Deluthe Gallery Cafe 

I. Company Overview and Summary

Our purpose is to provide gallery space, promotional materials, home art shows and cafe art exhibits for local and national artist seeking public and private venues. Our Deluthe Cafe Art Gallery Catalog will feature artists nationally and from around the world. 

Company Mission Statement
Revive and preserve the arts in our community.

Management Strategies
Produce quality art while impacting bottom-line growth through networking with local, national and international art community groups and, benefits organizations. Solicit client and group input via surveys to improve processes and management. Group meetings weekly will motivate and forecast growth and annihilate potential difficulties.

Funding Resources
Government grants for small business and art agencies. Private organization grants. Open the floor to remote investment partners.


The Deluthe Gallery Cafe 

II. Product Development

Products and Services

Bakery, Showcase and Café.

Showcase art work  priced from $750 - $9000 in a wireless Café setting where cclients will have ability to connect via the Internet while enjoying leisure or meeting and greeting business associates in an upscale gallery cafe coffee shop/bakery environment.

Baked goods include:

Gourmet Pastries
Danish Twist


Bow Tie

Cheese Danish

Miniature Danish

Danish Coffee Ring

Lattice Danish

Reduced Fat Muffin, Blue Berry, Banana, Apple and Banana Nut

Coffees And Beverages
Short and long Black standard espresso,

Latte - espresso
Ristretto - very short shot concentrated version of espresso.

Doppio - also known as double espresso.
Cappuccino - a shot of espresso with densely frothed milk poured into it and dusted with chocolate powder.
Macchiato - espresso with a dash of milk added.
Flat white - just a no-nonsense milky coffee - espresso with hot milk

Mocha - espresso, hot chocolate and steamed milk served in a glass.

What Makes Us Different

· Combining the high demand for fast quality coffee and pastry on-the-go with delivery service for those with no time to wait in line.

· Age-old methods of pastry  making showcased in sensational fashion in our upscale bakery and coffee shop.

· Community donations

· Pasty baking classes with business establishment assistance

· Art classes with business establishment assistance


The Deluthe Gallery Cafe 

III. Market Analysis

Marketplace Trends and Environment

Catering to Culture

Coffee Craze Gains Momentum


a. Market Opportunities

b. Geographic Analysis

The Deluthe Gallery Cafe 

IV. Target Market

a. Business Location

b. Market Description

c. Growth Opportunities


The Deluthe Gallery Cafe 

V. The Competition

Increased profitability in the industry suggests that people are becoming more dependent on fast food and specialty restaurants than they have ever been.

a. Who They Are


b. Market Share Distribution

13% of consumer’s annual expenditures goes to food consumption. That’s the largest expenditure below housing costs. 80% of adults in the    ...(continued)

Consumer Expenditures

Distribution of total annual expenditures by major category 


Assess growth potential
Demand for coffee is steadily rising at a rate of 1.5 percent per year. With 80% of Americans being coffee drinkers and consumers eating 15% percent more processed and fast food compared to 20 years ago growth in the coffee and backed goods to go industry is steady. Food eaten away from home is steady at 5.4% compared to food eaten at home, 7.7%. 


c. Product Matchups

Deluthes Coffee Starbucks Coffee
Deluthes Candies – Virtually No Existing Market In Area
Deluthes Patries – Penera Bread Pastries


The Deluthe Gallery Cafe 


VI. Marketing Plan

a. Meeting Customer Needs
Our customers require fresh quality coffee and pasty on the go. Our system for establishing customer needs is based on the product offering of our competitors. 

b. Quality vs. Quantity
Americans on the go tend to compromise with respect to quality unless it has to do with their Starbucks coffee, gourmet bagel or pastry. Hot and fresh sells. 

c. How We Will Sell
Word of mouth advertising via quality output has proved our strongest selling point. Advertising in local papers and glossy local magazines. Occasional community donations and product gifts to active community figures. 

d. Ability to Penetrate Market
Our 20 years experience in baked goods preparation and quick delivery along with a fine reputation for high quality products will answer the demand for a fast, fresh, tasty menu of quality coffee and pastry products. 

The Deluthe Gallery Cafe  will take the bakery cafe to the customer! By using the community support program TDP is instituting, arrangements will be made to visit a high school, college campus, or a corporate campus once or twice a month. 



The Deluthe Gallery Cafe 


VII. Management Development

a. Pivotal Employees
Acquiring competent productive and forward looking employees is essential to customer satisfaction and the growth and expansion of the company. To that end we provide extensive training as well as growth incentives with a view to grooming each employee to discover and reach his or her true potential.

b. Consultants, Advisors and Contractors



c. Internal Management Structure

Sales and Marketing Manager - 
Assistant - 
Administrator - 
Assitant Adminsitrator - 
Office Manager - 
Assistant - 

The Deluthe Gallery Cafe 

VIII. Business Development

a. Long-Term Goals, Short-Term Goals
Our long term goal is to open franchising to the general public particularly experienced bakers who have taken our cake baking classes and business of baking courses with a view to expanding our product, employment acquisition and small business development services across the east coast. In the short term we will expand or client base in the Baltimore metropolitan area.

b. Objectives for Achieving Goals


VIII. Assumption Page - Created with Business Plan Writer 

IX. Financial Documents - Created with Business Plan Writer

X. Supporting Documents - View in Complete Business Plan


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