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The fact is most folks are looking for an easy money machine. But for any business to thrive someone has to work at it. When it comes to making money there is no free ride.  As a matter of fact to make the 150K I made in one year I had to work at it.  I wanted to perfect an online business model that would make money while I was sleeping. I learned a lot and I am about to share that with you.

My Story

My name is Mark Askew, founder of Fimark Home Online, a family oriented special occasions resource. This was not my first venture nor will it be my last. I first generated income in 1998. I have been a successful web business entrepreneur for over 11 years. I've had a strong interest in business since I was a teenager. As an artist, I sold portraits to supplement my income while working in the word processing department of a large business data firm in the accounts department. I read and distributed a daily finance report and enjoyed the business meetings we had. 

I learned a lot about what makes a good business tick. The importance of having a product everyone wants, good marketing methods, fairness and honesty, building a large clients base and loving your work. 

Then It Happened 

Many of my fellow employees were laid off. I figured I would soon be laid of too. I wanted to be prepared somehow. My wife introduced me to the world wide web. I immediately saw itís potential for marketing my art and decided to experiment with a number of the money making programs prominently advertised in newsgroups back in the late nineties. I learned early the difference between a phony business scheme (or should I say SCAM) with a lot of hard selling and a lot of money up front compared to and practical home business with little overhead costs, a modest investment and a simple and practical way of making money by just giving the client what they want. 

Don't get me wrong, some of the schemes to make money do actually draw some income. To my surprise I actually earned a few dollars trying one or two. It was then that I immediately realized that if I could earn a few dollars doing something relatively stupid, I could earn much more providing practical products and services to those demanding them. That very month I turned two dollars into $200. Two months later I turned $200 into $2000. Before the close of 2002 I had earn $150,000 from internet based ad referrals alone. 

I'm No Mastermind

Iím not a highly educated guy from an elite university. Yes, Iíve had some college but no degrees. Like you I was laid off (twice) and just wanted more control over who handed me a paycheck. This I knewÖ if I were my own boss I would never have to worry about getting laid off or worse fired. So after the first layoff I got serious about becoming self-employed and started burning the mid-night oil to accomplish it. The fact is a home based business using only the Internet and working within oneís own skill set has made this kind of life a reality for thousands of folks just like us. 

At present I earn a modest income and can focus more of my time on the more important things of life, my family and friends and helping the community. I have no desire to pursue becoming a millionaire. My family life and good moral values come first. I desire simply to maintain a modest living online and I can show you how to do that. Still I think you'll find the facts below of interest. 

"Over 7000 people became millionaires on the internet in 2005"

"64% of the population of the United States is online via some 7000 ISPs"

Having spent years weeding through the business ventures that work and those that don't I am in the best position to show you how to start a successful home business that won't waste your precious time and money. 

Filtering Out The Schemes 

By now many of your acquaintances have introduced you to many get rich quick schemes promising easy money by buying into some multi-level marketing program. Iíve had many similar experiences. I knew from the start that these so-called money making programs were nothing but a lot of hot air. Especially when I examined the hard pushy sales pitches. I hate to be pushed into anything and always resist. Besides, when everyone wants what you have you don't have to push it. It sells itself. They just need to know it's there and they can get it at a better price from you than the other guy. 

A More Practical Approach

At the time of the birth of the Internet only 24% of the population were using it. Now a whopping 64% of the U.S. population is online at any given time of the day. Yet even then I saw the Internet as one big client base, an orchard for advertising products to crowds ready to pick its fruit. A large field ready for harvesting leads. And so I decided to take a more practical approach to establishing a home-based business and looked for merchants who would pay a bounty (referral fee) to find and send leads to them. Once that was done it was time to move on to search engine marketing. Why search engine marketing? Because people would have to find me. Where do they go to shop. Usually they start with a search engine. 
Search engines wonít give your website a high ranking in search results unless it has high-traffic or at least a lot of useful content people are looking for.

Information Portals

Soon I began to put together web based information portals. These websites contained  glossaries, Q&A's, articles, calculation tools, guides, tips and search engines on just about anything commonly researched on the Internet. Making use of news content and financial data resources tied to news syndicates and advertisers I began publishing news from Reuters, New York Times, Chicago Tribune and Wall Street Journal. Combining these with income generating referral ads I was able to draw in leads much like a bricks and mortar newspaper or magazine firm. 

In a short period of time I became an Internet publisher and news resource. I publish content, software and helpful tips and tools that people desperately need in everyday life. I've developed my own product line which includes Fimark's Genealogy Tool Kit, The Family Reunion Planner, Fimark's Deluxe Party Planner, Fimark's My Wedding Planner and the Business Plan Writing and Startup Tool Kit as well that the Home Refinancing Kit. 

Practical Usefulness

It is the practicality and usefulness of these resources that make them successful income generators. Now over a thousand readers hit the network of sites daily to find how to throw an anniversary or retirement party, how to start a business, how to plan a family reunion or wedding. I now have a large daily newsletter readership of over 10,000 members. My monthly income has exceeded $19,000. 

Here's What You Get For The Cost of a Dinner for Two

What Sells Online
How To Sell it Online
Who To Sell To Online
Where To Find Buyers Online

Iíve even thrown in 99 direct marketing tips you can perform offline

You Also Get:
1. Web Business Plan And Startup Tool Kit 

2. Business Startup Checklist Timeline and Budget Calculator

3. Web Business Development Tutorial

4. Marketing And Sales Tips - How To Find Web Users That Buy. 

5. Search Engine Optimization Consultation -Learn How To Increase Sales Potential

6. Content Syndicates and Publishing Partnerships

Most articles you read on the subject are just giving you a lot of words and telling you what you already know. You have already been given 5 keys to building a successful business. Now all you need is a business plan to follow those five keys successfully and a systematic way to find referrals. This information cannot be found on any website. 

Now, The Question
Does this look like something you might be interested in getting your hands on? 

Good News! 

I will give you complete access to a hundreds of winning business plans and marketing plans each worth $1500 on the market for Only $29. 

No not $29 a month.  Just $29 and access to all my winning business plans are yours. 

Why So Cheap? 

Because if you have $1500 I want you to use it to pay your bills so you can focus on building your business. If you donít have $1500 I donít want you to worry about it. Youíll earn it and more following the marketing strategies found in each business plan.

Should I quit my day job? NO! Abosulty not. Don't event think about it. If you or someone in your household are employed good! Keep it that way. After building your home based business wait until you're earning more than enough to get by before conidering self-employment. Then make sure you've put aside enough revenue to pay bills for several months. In the mean time burn some mid-night oil to start and grow your own business.l

But what if I'm currently unemployed? Is this the solution for me? Yes it is. Being unemployed can be a real pain when your just waiting for that interview or call back once being interviewed. It's also a boost to see some kind of income coming in. Keep looking for work while working on building your online business.

Can You Help Me With This?
Yes! Once you purchase the product you have also purchased free consultation time with me. I will be on hand to answer any sales, promotions and marketing questions you have when getting your business started. My email address is

Looking forward to getting to know you.
Mark Askew
Fimarkís Winning Business Plans

NOTE: Many of the business plans can be tailored to your own interests. so find one thatís close and work from there. 

Start Your Home-Based Business and Start Earning Income.
Next Step. Download Fimarkís Winning Business Plans and choose the business plan that best fits your skill set or your interests.

Example of what you'll find in Fimark's Winning Business Plans

This Complete Business Plan includes:

Business Description
Your business objectives defined in a description that explains the affiliate marketing process used to acquire sales. The various platforms on which your sales will be acquired and primary client demographics.

Sales Acquisition Process
The complete sales acquisition process is explained including details regarding acquiring your  target audience. Location of types of groups, clubs, associations, institutions, retailers and community centers who will purchase your product. 

Commission Structure 
Show how commission is acquired and impacted by growth in sales upon implementation of specified sales methods. 

Product Promotional Methods
This business plan lists scores of proven methods that will successful impact acquired sales and grow your sales force.

Marketing Plan
The Business Plan contains a complete effective marketing plan that includes current applications and technologies as well as content driven methods to acquire your target audience and lead them to point of sale.  The plan also includes effective strategies that attract and draw business enjoyed by established authors. 

Includes plans for setting up a fully ecommerce website that's optimized for search engine traffic. Establishing a fan base and how to make use of social networks such as facebook and twitter to gain more exposure. 

Get this Business Plan Along With All These Complete Business Plans In One Package From $29

Purchase This Business Plan Here

Internet Based Business Plans

Homebased Business Plans

Online Shoes Sales Business Plan
Online Greeting Card Sales Business Plan
Online Software Sales Business Plan
Digital Music Sales Business Plan
Online Flyer Sales Business Plan
Online Printables Business Plan
Online eBook Sales Business Plan
Online Art Print Sales Business Plan
Online Party Supplies Sales Business Plan
Online T-shirt Sales Business Plan
Etsy Sales Business Plan Associate Business Plan Book Publishing Business Plan 
Zazzle Associate Business Plan 
Bakery Sample Business Plan  
Childrenís Book Sales Business Plan
Home Party Business Plan
Book Authoring/Publishing Business Plan 
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Day Care Sample Business Plan

Direct Sales Business Plan 
Catalog Sales Business Plan
Cake Decorating Sales Business Plan 
Avon Rep Business Plan 
Gift Card Business Plan
Freelance Graphics Design Business Plan
Music Artist Self Publishing Business Plan
Event Planner Business Plan 
Party Planner Business Plan
Cafe Press Sales Business Plan

Includes These Bricks And Mortar Business Plans

Assisted Living Center Sample Business Plan   Senior Center Sample Business Plan

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Size: The file size is approximately 1700 KB
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Requires Microsoft Internet Explorer or compatible browser, Microsoft Word or compatible reader/editor. 

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For customer service call 443 683 1406 or email

Business Marketing Consultation: Mark Askew will respond to messages via email. 
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